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These are a list of frequently asked Questions:

Q- What are the main rules of your League?
A- FYFFL wants to create a safe yet competitive and challenging league.Our rules are based on NFL Flag rules with some changes. We limit teams to 10 players. We play 5 on 5 with every child guaranteed a starting position. We do not allow intentional contact. The fields are 50 yards long by 30 yards wide (instructional and rookie fields are 40 yards long by 25 yards wide). The games are 40 minutes long-two 20 minute halves with a ten minute half time. The games are played with a running clock.

Q- What are the age divisions and what date do you use to determine divisions?
A- Players age is determined by age as of January 1st of the current season. The divisions are as follows:
6-7      ROOKIE
8-9      PEE WEE
10-11  JUNIOR
12-13  SENIOR

Q- Can my child move up or down a division?
A- Players can only move up to the next division if their birthday is within 3 months of being eligible for the next division(Jan 2-March 31) and an age waiver form is filled out and sent to the league mailbox (PO Box 29  Bealeton, Va.  22712) when player is registered. No player can move down.

Q- What equipment do I need to get my child?
A- A mouth piece is required and cleats are highly recommended.  Black shorts without pockets or stripes are also required. Shorts with pockets pose a hazard. We provide NFL Game jerseys that the kids keep after the season.

Q- What does the league provide once we have registered and paid?
A- Each team is guaranteed 8 games with referees, play off games if team qualifies, NFL game jerseys to keep.

Q- How often and when are practices?
A- Practices are 2  times per week  in preseason and then 1 time per week during the season w/no practice exceeding 2 hours. Practice can be less than  2 hours per practice. The head coach will determine what days the practices will be on and what times.  Coaches usually get input from the parents in determining these.  Practices will  in one of the 5 practice areas that are determined by you the parent (not by address). Warrenton, Bealeton, VintHill, Sumerduck, Marshall.

Q- Will my child get playing time?
A- Each child is guaranteed a starting position and will play as much as the other participants unless there is a discipline issue.

Q- Why have a draft to determine teams?
A- FYFFL wants to create parity in our league. We believe this is the fairest way to create a fun,fair,and competitive environment. If a team were able to assemble their own roster, some teams would be so dominant that it would take alot of the fun from the league.  Instructional teams will not be formed by draft as this division is not competitive. 

Q-  Why can't my child be on their friends team?
A There are an overwhelming amount of requests for ride requests and being placed on a friends team or coach  requests. Due to the volume of requests and the logistics, not to mention the likely hood of altering the leagues competitive balance, FYFFL will not grant such requests. We appologize for any inconvieniences due to this policy.

Q- Why doesn't my childs team have a coach?
A- FYFFL depends on volunteers to assist us in bringing this great sport to our counties youth. Some teams do not have parents willing to step up and help because of various reasons. Experience is great but not a requirement to volunteer. FYFFL has a new coach session and packet to get those of you that are a little hesitant a jump start.  Please go to coaches tab for applications. 

Q- Can I get a refund?
A- Yes, until midnight before league holds its first practice . You will need to notify the Registrar. Refunds are subject to a $50 administrative fee. No refunds once league starts practices.

Q- What days are the games on and what time does my team play?
AGames will be played on Saturdays, with games starting at 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, and 3:00pm.  Sundays afternoons are used for make-up dates for games.

Q- What about postponements and makeup games?
A- FYFFL's schedule is squeezed in after Basketball season and finishes before high school graduation. The problem with a compressed schedule is if you get rained out 1,2,or even 3 days-your league schedule is in shambles. FYFFL will have makeup days on Sunday afternoons and at the end of the schedule in case of incliment weather.

Q- Why have fundraisers?
A- The fields we currently play on are VDOT controlled/owned fields. VDOT at any time can ban us from those fields.FYFFL is also at the mercy of Grace Millers School function schedule  because we use their parking facilities. FYFFL wants to be able to aquire land in the future to have dedicated playing fields for our league. Fundraisers are a vital part of not only supporting league needs but also giving us options for the future.

Q- How can I help or give back to the league?
A- The ways are many! You can volunteer to coach, become a Board Member, assist as a team parent, help on game days, assist with field care, and many more.

Q- How do I become a coach?
A- FYFFL is always looking for coaches. You can register the same way the players registered online. We have a seperate coaches application. You will be contacted by the Coaches Coordinator shortly after registration.

Q- Why have a $2.50 convenience fee for online registration?
A- The $2.50 convenience fee is charged to help to cover the cost incurred by FYFFL for online registrations.